Air Tahiti Virtual
Air Tahiti Virtual

Rules of Air Tahiti VIRTUAL

I. Presentation of the virtual airline

The company is a virtual representation of the actual company AIR TAHITI. The name, logo and other reference to the actual company were borrowed by our virtual company in accordance with the direction of the actual company. Virtual Air Tahiti (abbreviated VTA) is a virtual airline evolving from the Hub of Tahiti and servicing via the main company or its subsidiaries to the French Polynesia. VTA operates only on the IVAO network (International Virtual Aviation Organisation).

II. Registration as a member

Any pilot wishing to register with VTA must provide the following:
    First name
    Date of birth
    Country of Residence
As a VTA member, you will have access to a Download Center for sceneries, add-on and liveries. These files had been created by VTA members or other creators who accepted that we share their work in our website. By joining VTA, you accept that you can not share these files by any means (e-mail, social networks, other website, etc). Please contact the staff or the add-on creator for any question. All VTA sceneries belong to their creator and are exclusively share for active VTA members.
Registration is effective after approval by the staff of the company. The company reserves the right to refuse the registration of any person not meeting the admission requirements. This refusal will be justified to the pilot by the staff. Entry implies full acceptance of this Regulation.
A staff member from another virtual airline can not register as a VTA pilot. Each pilot must always carry at least 1 flight within 15 days of registration. If the pilot has not flown 15 days after enrollment, his account will be deleted without notice. If the pilot can not achieve flight within 15 days are registration, he/she will notify the staff so his account will be placed on leave. Please see below the conditions to fullfil to keep your VTA account active.
Any racist, communautirst or abusive speeches, held by any VTA member towards anyone (VTA member or not), on any support (forum, website, social networks) will be automaticaly banned from VTA and its forum. VTA is a friendly place where political discussions are not welcomed. Any VTA member can contact the staff to report inappropriate behavior.
The website, forum and any other creations from VTA (scenery, repaints, events...) solely belong to its original creator. Any copy, illegal use or diffusion without creator's consent is strictly prohibited and will be sanctioned. Legal actions can be engaged towards the author of the copy. Please read our legal mentions.

III. Rules update

These Rules may be updated at any time by the staff of the company. Once this change a mail is sent to all members to inform them of the changes. No response from the pilot within 2 days of sending of this email, adherence to the new version of the regulation is tacitly approved.

IV. Staff

The company's staff is appointed by the President (CEO) on Director's (DIR) proposal. Any member of the company fulfills the following criteria may apply for a vacancy.
    Have an active IVAO account
    Speaking French fluently
    Have time to devote to the company
    Have an active account at Air Tahiti VIRTUAL
If you meet these requirements, and if you wish to apply for one of the above items, contact us by communicating information following :
    Full name
    Age (date of birth)
    VID (account number IVAO)
    Position you are applying
    Motivation (at best describe why you want this job, what are your experiences, your motivations, your qualities and wearknesses etc.)
After receiving your email, we will decide in the first instance if your application is successful or not. If you are selected, we will contact you to schedule an appointment oral (by Teamspeak). Only after this interview that you can be appointed to the Air Tahiti VIRTUAL staff. Please note that we will favor the members belonging to French Polynesia division and older than 16 years. However, any application is welcome.

V. Progress of the career of the pilot

V.1. Flights

The pilot can perform two types of flights:
    Flights "real" based on the actual timetable of Air Tahiti, seek to replicate these flights flights from the actual company keeping as close conditions (time, equipment, line done ...)
    The "charter" flights are at the discretion of the pilot. They can be made with the device, the time and the conditions chosen by the pilot and may be unrelated to a real flight of Air Tahiti.
At the end of each flight, the pilot must file a flight report to be sent to the company to provide a log-book for each pilot.

V.2. The Crew center

The Crew Center available to pilots by the company is a tool to manage pilot profile, send flight reports, download documents, send messages to other members.
A logbook is available in this area and can find a history of the flights and the total time spent on these flights, the distance traveled and the number of passengers conveyed. It also brings up the total salary of the pilot that is cumulative as of flights.

V.3. Career Management

The VTA pilot follows a career development based on its number of flight hours :
    Student Pilot (EP): From registration to 25 flight hours
    Private Pilot (PPL): From 25 hours of flight 150 flight hours
    Professional Pilot (CPL): From 150 flight hours and 500 flight hours
    First Officer (FO): From 500 hours of flight 1000 flight hours
    Captain (CBD): From 1 000 hours
    Instructor (FI): This special rank is automatically assigned to any member of staff. It can however be attributed to any member being Captain (thus having more than 1000 flight hours) and having demonstrated exceptional involvement with Air Tahiti VIRTUAL. The award of this grade must be passed unanimously by the Staff.
We ask our pilots to make live the VA to achieve at least one flight every 30 days. After this time your status will go inactive. To validate your registration with VTA, you have to send your first PIREP (flight report) within 15 days.

V.4. Inactivity

    After 90 days (3 months) without PIREP, your VTA account will become Inactive.
    After 180 days (6 months) without PIREP, your VTA account will be deleted.
This prevents ghost accounts, and a pilot list abnormally inflated compared to the overall activity of the company.
A removed pilot can re-register again with VTA (if this pilot has not been banned from VTA), but he/she will have to start the whole of his career and will not be entitled to a return to his previous position (rank, hours, etc). However, if you are aware of a period during which you can not make the minimum required flight, we invite you to contact the staff so that your status is set to "On Leave". After this period of leave, you can resume your normal flights without having lost your benefits (rank, salary, awards, etc).

VI. Forum

Any pilot joining the company is invited to enroll in the internal forum. The forum for the exchange of general information (newcomers, events, sharing tips, links, advice). It is of course rigor to respect the rules of politeness, propriety and courtesy put in any public place. We draw your attention to the fact that the use of offensive, racist, libelous in print, or any other evidence to reach the privacy of others can be followed by immediate radiation and no possible reinstatement for the pilot who issued this statement.
Important : this is a translation of the French version. In case of difference of interpretation, only the French version is official.
Air Tahiti Virtual Staff